I have been lecturing in the UK and throughout the world for the last 18 years.

The majority of my lecturing has been to post-graduate medical audiences (GPs, Internists, Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Clinical Biochemists, and Lipidologists) in this country, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. I have also lectured to undergraduate medical, nursing and science students as well as on Masters level Nursing and Clinical Pharmacology courses.

Since 2003, I also delivered a range of postgraduate workshops on topics related to the conduct of clinical trials including a one day workshop on Good Clinical Practice.

My range of over 100 invited lectures to Hospital and University Departments and conferences is listed below (please select the year from the drop down box) or you can download the full list as a pdf file


  1. The Arts: What can Literature and the Arts Contribute to the Teaching of Bioethics? Ethics, Law and Communication Skills An International Symposium on Health Care Education, Oxford, April 10, 1991.


  1. Rationale for Secondary Prevention. SHARP Nurses Study Day, Lancaster House Postgraduate Centre, Glasgow, November 19, 1994.


  1. The Growing Evidence for Treatment. SHARP Meeting, A New Consensus in Coronary Heart Disease and Cholesterol, Glasgow March 22, 1995.
  2. Secondary Prevention: Lifestyle Changes. 12th Annual Practice Nurse Convention, Edinburgh, April 6, 1995.
  3. LDL Subfractions: An Atherogenic Role. Russian Academy of Medicine meeting: Man and Medicine. Satellite Symposium: Management of Lipid Disorders, Moscow, Russia, April 11, 1995.
  4. Lipoprotein (a): Molecular Genetics and Measurement. Association of Clinical Biochemists Scottish Regional Meeting, Edinburgh, June 14, 1995.
  5. Genetics of Lipoprotein (a). British Hyperlipidaemia Association Annual Meeting, Birmingham, July 6, 1995.
  6. Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease in Practice. Update in Cardiology I, Lancaster House Postgraduate Centre, Glasgow Sept 13, 1995.
  7. Lp(a): Molecular Genetics and Cardiovascular Risk. XIIth Congress of the Polish Society of Laboratory Diagnostics, Warsaw, Poland, Sept 23, 1995.
  8. Lipid Risk Factors for Stroke. 3rd International Conference on Stroke, Prague, Czech Republic, October 20, 1995.
  9. New evidence for lipid lowering: the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study. Irish Hyperlipidaemia Association, Belfast, December 2, 1995.
  10. Primary and secondary prevention workshops. SHARP Winter Scientific Meeting, Dunkeld, December 8, 1995.


  1. Pharmacology of the HMG CoA reductase inhibitors. International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, Sydney, February 25, 1996.
  2. Lipoprotein (a): Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. Swedish Heart Association Meeting, Lejondal Slott, Stockholm, Sweden, March 17, 1996.
  3. Human Lipoprotein Metabolism. Institute of Food Research, Norwich, March 19, 1996.
  4. Clinical Implications of WOSCOPS. The Pentagon Group, Tiverton, March 22, 1996.
  5. Plaque Regression and Stabilisation. Atheroma Regression Therapy (ART) III. Portsmouth, May 14, 1996.
  6. The West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study. Prevencion Primaria Y Secundaria Perspectivas Para El Ano 2000, Cartagena, Colombia, May 27, 1996.
  7. Interpreting Clinical Trials with Examples of Good and Bad Design. ACB National Training Course, Glasgow, September 19, 1996.
  8. Hyperlipidaemia and Hypertension in the Elderly. Is there need for special care? 3rd Congress of the International Association of Gerontology, European Region - Clinical Session, Thessaloniki, Greece, November 16, 1996.
  9. The diagnosis and management of mixed hyperlipidaemia. SHARP Winter Scientific Meeting, Dunkeld, November 28, 1996.


  1. Statins - new evidence for coronary prevention. Grand Round. Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, January 8, 1997.
  2. WOSS and CARE - Putting the evidence into practice. Southwestern Fundholders Annual Conference, Torquay, March 13, 1997.
  3. Cholesterol - how low and why? The Pentagon Group, Tiverton, March 14, 1997.
  4. Lipoprotein (a) - research update. Glasgow Royal Infirmary Grand Round, Glasgow, March 26, 1997.
  5. Evidence based approach for the management of mixed hyperlipidaemia. Plenary Session European Atherosclerosis Society Annual Meeting Brugge, Belgium, May 9, 1997.
  6. Event reduction in patients with elevated cholesterol and no documented coronary heart disease: WOSCOP Trial. CardioSphere Satellite Meeting, Montreal, Canada, June 30, 1997.
  7. Preventing clinical events in patients at risk. International Conference on Preventive Cardiology, Montreal, Canada, June 30, 1997.
  8. Percentage cholesterol reduction versus risk reduction. European Society of Cardiology Annual Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, August 25, 1997.
  9. Cholesterol therapy in healthy patients. XVI Interamerican Congress of Cardiology, Fajardo, Puerto Rico September 15, 1997.
  10. Effects of ciprofibrate on the LDL subfraction profile. I. Sympozium o ateroskleroze a dyslipoproteinemiach. Bratislava, Slovakia, October 14, 1997.
  11. Lipid lowering drugs. 3rd Year Biomedical Science course. University of Durham, October 28, 1997.


  1. Development of lipid guidelines. Clinical Biochemistry Dept., Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh January 23, 1998.
  2. PROSPER: Prospective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk. Plenary Lecture at the International Congress of Vascular Disease Prevention, Glasgow May 8, 1998.
  3. Currently postulated mechanisms for the clinical effectiveness of HMG Co A reductase inhibitors. XVI World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research, Rhodes, Greece May 30, 1998.
  4. Lipid lowering drugs. BHA Healthcare Section Plenary Lecture, Glasgow July 3, 1998.
  5. New Roads in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. World Congress of Internal Medicine, Lima, Peru, November 4, 1998.


  1. New Insights into the control of plasma Lp(a). Biochemical Society 668th Meeting, Glasgow, April 1999.
  2. The metabolic basis of the lipid hypothesis. Association of Clinical Biochemists, Glasgow, May 1999.


  1. Epidemiology and Pathophysiology of Coronary Heart Disease and Lipids, Statins and Coronary Disease Prevention. Rehabilitation in Cardiology MSc Course Caledonian University, Glasgow, February 2000.
  2. Statins in acute coronary syndromes. International Society of Atherosclerosis, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2000.
  3. Outcome Trials and Evidence Based Medicine. European Society of Cardiology Masterclass, Cork, Ireland,June 2000.
  4. All statins are not the same - debate. European Society of Cardiology Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2000.


  1. How do clinical trials affect policy development? Future Forum Conference, London, 2001.
  2. Statins and Plaque Control. 5th UK Renovascular Forum, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow March 2001.
  3. Healthy ageing: addressing acute coronary syndrome? European Atherosclerosis Society, Glasgow May 2001.
  4. All statns are the same? - a debate. European Cardiology Society, Stockholm, Sweden, September, 2001.


  1. Preventing vascular disease in the elderly. Royal Alexandra Hospital Grand Rounds, Paisley, April 2002.
  2. Cardiovascular disease prevention in the elderly: the role of statins. British Geriatric Society, June Belfast June 2002.
  3. Statin therapy in clinical practice: an evidence based approach. Thailand Cardiology Society, Phuket, Thailand, August 2002.
  4. Primary prevention in clinical practice. Eicosanoids Conference, Taiwan, Taiwan, August 2002.
  5. Meeting CHD Goals - Implications for the Older Patient with cardiovascular Disease. British Geriatric Society, Cardiology Section, Birmingham, November 2002
  6. The PROSPER Study. Bolton Royal Infirmary Grand Rounds, November 2002.
  7. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in the Elderly, Royal Liverpool Hospital Grand Rounds, November 2002.
  8. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in High Risk Groups Osterreichischen Diabetestagung (Austrian Diabetes Society), Graz, Austria, November 2002.
  9. Molecular Genetics of Lipid Disorders University Hospital Taipei, Taiwan, December 2002.
  10. Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes: Impact of Pravastatin in the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study. Taiwanese Diabetes Society Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, December 2002.


  1. PROSPER Study - Main Results. Clinical Trials Services Unit SEARCH and PROCARDIS Investigators Meeting, Oxford, April 2003.
  2. Statin Therapy in the Elderly. Pan-Yorkshire Cardiology Forum, Leeds April 2003.
  3. Statins and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. Satellite meeting of the British Cardiac Society Meeting, Glasgow, April 2003.
  4. The PROSPER Study Plenary session - Focus 2003, National Meeting of the Association of Clinical Biochemists, Manchester, May 2003.
  5. Meeting cholesterol targets Southern General Hospital Grand Rounds, Glasgow, June 2003.
  6. The Future of Clinical Trials, Hot Topics Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2003.


  1. Niemann-Pick C1-like-1 Protein: the discovery of the cholesterol transporter. National Ezetimibe Advisory Board meeting, Birmingham, March, 2004.
  2. Statin therapy: simple and effective. Statin Therapy, Shaping the Future. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 2004.
  3. Statin therapy in modern clinical practice. Onassio Lipid Symposium, Athens, Greece June, 2004.
  4. Rosuvastatin- global safety update. Brazilian Atherosclerosis Society Meeting, Florianopolis, Brazil, August 2004
  5. Achieving cholesterol targets - new therapeutic options. 59th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil September 2004.
  6. Cardiovascular disease: risk factors in perspective. British HIV Association, 10th Annual Meeting, London, October 2004.
  7. Guidelines Versus Clinical Practice: What Really Works, XVth International Symposium on Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism (DALM), Venice, Italy October 2004.


  1. Challenging CHD in the UK, Postgraduate Medical Meeting, Stornaway, May 2005.
  2. Challenging CHD in the UK, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, Grand Rounds, May 2005.
  3. Challenging CHD in the UK, Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Grand Rounds, June 2005.
  4. Challenging CHD in the UK, Dr Gray's Hospital Elgin, Postgraduate Centre Meeting, June 2005.
  5. Challenging CHD in the UK, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Lunchtime General Medical Meeting, June 2005.
  6. Molecular Basis of Clinical Lipid Management, Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride, Grand Rounds, June 2005.
  7. Challenging CHD in the UK, Airedale General Hospital, Postgraduate lunchtime meeting, August 2005
  8. Future of Lipid Management, Pinderfields Hospital, Cardiology Department Update Meeting, August 2005
  9. Challenging CHD in the UK, Dewsbury General Hospital, Grand Rounds, August 2005.
  10. Challenging CHD in the UK, Hartlepool and South Tees Hospital, Post-graduate Medical Seminar, Nov 2005.
  11. Molecular Basis of Clinical Lipid Management, Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, Postgraduate Multi-disciplinary Meeting, Nov 2005.


  1. Trial by fire: the history of clinical trials. Hairmyres Hospital East Kilbride, Grand Rounds, March 2006.
  2. Molecular targets for lipid regulating drugs. Scottish Society of Anaesthetists Annual Scientific Meeting, November 2006.


  1. Lower Cholesterol Targets. Hope Hospital Manchester, February 2007
  2. Challenging CHD in the UK. Furness General Hospital Postgraduate Medical meeting, February 2007
  3. Comparative Pharmacology of the Statins. Primary Care Cardiovascular Symposium, Sydney, Australia, March 2007.
  4. Lower cholesterol targets -are your 4 it? Stirling Royal Infirmary Grand Rounds, March 2007.
  5. Getting to goal and effectively reducing CV risk. Asean Congress of Cardiology Bali, Indonesia, April 2007.
  6. The Patient with Dyslipidaemia - Comprehensive Management Strategies. Chinese University of Hong Kong CV Summit, Hong Kong, China, April 2007.
  7. New cholesterol targets. Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, Grand Rounds, October 2007
  8. New cholesterol targets. Manchester Royal Infirmary, Postgraduate Centre, November 2007.
  9. HDL Cholesterol Management in Practice, Crosshouse Hospital Kilmarnock, Post Graduate Meeting, December 2007.


  1. Good cholesterol guide - beyond LDL-C lowering. Manchester Royal Infirmary, Grand Rounds, January, 2008.
  2. HDL cholesterol management. Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, Post graduate Meeting, February, 2008
  3. The Glasgow Clinical Research Facility, Western Infirmary Grand Rounds, February, 2008
  4. Lower cholesterol targets in practice, Vale of Leven Hospital Post graduate meeting, March, 2008.
  5. Managing triglycerides: what you need to know, Western General Hospital (HIV Group Meeting), Edinburgh, May 2008.
  6. Lower cholesterol targets: are you for it? Regional Primary Care Conference, Bristol, June, 2008.
  7. Triglyceride management. HIV management conference. James Cook Hospital, Middlesborough, November, 2008


  1. Lipids in the very elderly, British Geriatric Society Cardiovascular Section 3rd Annual SpR Meeting, London, January, 2009.
  2. Triglyceride management. Infectious diseases Department, North Manchester General Hospital, Post Graduate Meeting, Manchester, February, 2009.
  3. Molecular targets in clinical lipid management. Ninewells Hospital Cardiology Department Post Graduate Meeting, Dundee, April 2009.
  4. The importance of LDL-cholesterol in managing cardiovascular risk. Pri-Med Update, Edinburgh, April, 2009.
  5. LDL-cholesterol: intensive therapy, why and how? Royal Society of Medicine, London, May, 2009.